Saturday, August 29, 2015

Vancouver Pro/Am & Expo 2015 - Isadora Melo

Many people struggle to master a single language. Brazilian Isadora Melo can converse with you in her native tongue Portuguese, or English, or Spanish.  

Now calling Vancouver home, the 23-year-old bikini competitor entered the Muscle Insider model search at the Vancouver Pro/Am & Expo show. For her efforts, she walked away as one of the winners selected by X2X Clothing to represent them in the position of brand ambassador.

Let's start with your stats. 

I'm 23, 5-3, 115 lbs competition and 128 lbs off-season.

Do you enjoy performing onstage?

I love it. I really enjoy being on stage. It's the time to show all the work you put in for months; although I prefer the everyday grind in the training room. I do enjoy being on stage. It's like the end of a chapter and the beginning of another. You work so hard for that day. It's just magic. I love every second of it. 

How did you get started lifting weights and training? 

It all started in Brazil when I was 15. That's the age you're allowed to join the gym (at that time in Brazil). It's a warm country with beaches everywhere, so we really care about the look of the body. We grow up in this environment. I think that explains why Brazilians do very well in the bodybuilding world. We have direct contact with it and there is a gym every two meters in Brazil. 

Were you athletic growing up?

Yes very, very much. I practiced all kinds of sports - swimming to judo; indoor soccer to jazz dancing; but the one that I loved most was handball. I was on the team for three years, but when I graduated from high school I had to quit because I didn't have the time. That was when lifting weights became my main activity. 


What are your goals as a competitor?

Win the Olympia.

What inspired you to start competing?

I always loved to workout and get to the next level. Also I needed more discipline. To control the mind fascinates me. That's the only way to do well at this sport is controlling the mind. Once you've conquered it, the body will just follow. 

What is your profession?

I'm a personal trainer, athlete and college business student. 

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