Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Vancouver Pro/Am & Expo 2015 - Billie-Jean

If you've seen bikini competitor Billie-Jean on stage, you've probably noticed the tattoos - lots of tattoos. As she explains, "I'm hoping to bring more acceptance of tattoos in the bikini level competitions. You don't see many girls out there competing who are as heavily tattooed as I am."

With the tattoos, the 28-year-old hairstylist is also building a great bikini physique and one days hopes to earn her pro card. She competed at the Muscle Insider Model Search at the 2015 Vancouver Pro/Am & Expo show.

Your stats.

I'm 5-4, weight for the model search was around 113 lbs although for my BCABBA competition I am looking at coming in between 105 lbs to 110 lbs. 

Do you enjoy performing onstage?

I really enjoy performing on stage. That being said, I do experience a lot of nervousness before I hit the stage and sometimes even while on stage. But I believe that I get more confident every time go through it.

How long have you been training?

I've been training seriously since February 2014, so almost 19 months. 

When did you do your first show and how old were you?

My first show was the Sandra Wickham Fall Classic 2014. I had just turned 28-years-old a couple weeks before the show.

Were you athletic growing up? 

Not really. I played a bit of soccer and t-ball, but I was a bit more of a nerd. I enjoyed math and sciences and preferred to involve myself in academics rather than sports. A few years after I graduated high school I became more active.

Favorite competitor?

Favorite competitor would have to be Dana Linn Bailey hands down. She inspires me every day to love myself, accept challenges, be open about my struggles and to always keep pushing forward. If I have a dream and a goal, I CAN make it a reality. I just have to work for it. 

What inspired you to start competing?

I was inspired to start competing after witnessing a few friends in Calgary go through the transformation. I honestly believed for years that I was not capable of having a competitor's body; that I was just not born with such a build. I decided that I wanted to prove myself wrong - show myself that if I put in the work and dedicated myself to the process that I could make it happen, and I did just that! 

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