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Vancouver Pro/Am & Expo 2015 - Flex Lewis and Bert Sims

At any event, star power pulls in the fans. Part of the star power at the 2015 Vancouver Pro/Am & Expo show included reigning 3X Olympia 212 Showdown Champion Flex Lewis.

But have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes when a guest appears at an event? Do they just show up, make an appearance and leave, or is there more to it than that? Once they hit town, are they left to their own devices, or does someone take care of them?

When Flex Lewis came to Vancouver, nothing was left to chance. Tasked with making certain all went smoothly for Flex’s stay, one of BC’s top bodybuilders, Bert Sims.

What do you say when you find out that you have the opportunity to hang with one of the best in the world for the weekend?

In Bert's own words, “Uhm, HELL YES!”

How did you end up in your role working with Flex for the weekend?

I was a volunteer in general and when it came to be that Flex would need a liaison so to speak, I was chosen as the individual to do so because the match up in personalities is very similar and I do pride self on being very professional in this industry. The powers that be thought I would be a good representative for BC in that role.

What specifically did your position involve?

In a basic sense, make sure he was happy. Really, knowing his schedule, where he needs to be, organizing what was being sold at his booth and keeping track of those items while he got to visit with his fans. I found out what his meal plan was ahead of time and made sure he had proper food for the duration of the weekend. I also secured a spot that would allow him to train as he needed to do so with being eight weeks out at that time.

Is there one highlight from the experience that you can pick out?

Training with Flex on the Saturday of the show was priceless to say the least, and it wasn't a go through the motions type session. I like how he made me feel equal to him. He wanted me to get a good quality session just like I wanted him to have a kick-ass workout. Seeing the intensity and manner he takes himself to and how he approaches his training was very insightful.

Did you have the opportunity to show him around Vancouver and if so, any highlights you can share?

Unfortunately I was not able to show him around much of Vancouver with how busy the schedule was, although he and some of the other pros did get a taste of the infamous Davie Street in the middle of the night when they invaded Denny’s for a post-comp pancake feast after the finals Saturday evening.

You mentioned being "taken to school" in a Facebook post about your weekend experience with Flex. Anything you can share relating to knowledge or tips you picked up from spending time with him?

I was referring specifically to when I threw up during the session and came back for more. I admit, I was not used to the pace and the volume we were going at and it took its toll on me.

We talked a fair bit and although it isn't going to sound sexy or anything, I found out at that level he still has to pay attention to the basics like someone at my level does. What foods does his body react to best that will assist him in getting results wanted? He's still concerned about health and longevity and paying attention to that is important as well.

I would also say in the short time I spent with him, I could see and sense he holds himself to a very high standard, not just in what he wants to present on stage, but to his fans, his business and his legacy.

Anything else you would like to add to this?

I personally am beyond thankful for having the opportunity to have been in the position to show Flex around and be the go to guy for him over the Van Pro Am weekend. So many times we regular citizens wonder how someone of celebrity status is behind closed doors and I can tell you in my experience the guy is as solid and full of character as they come.
He certainly has my complete respect and I would enjoy being in the same role anytime.

In the bigger picture, that never would have been possible if not for the vision and drive of Michelle Krack IFBB Pro to make having a pro show in our beautiful city of Vancouver a reality. She was able to bring our bodybuilding community together on the grandest stage ever seen in BC, contest, expo and all. Now the door is open to what will hopefully be an annual event that grows and grows and we who were all part of this can help BC shine on the world stage now.

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More about Bert Sims

Tell us about your athletic background and competition history.

I played a variety of sports all through my younger years, mainly baseball, basketball, wrestling, football and track. I ended up playing collegiate football for a few years as a punter and running back before eventually transitioning what I consider late (age 30) into bodybuilding. To date, my competition history is:

2008 Emerald Cup 13th light heavy
2008 Sandra Wickham Fall Classic 4th heavy
2010 Sandra Wickham Fall Classic 3rd light heavy
2012 Emerald Cup 9th heavy
2012 BCABBA Provincials 6th or 7th, second callout so blah! heavy
2014 Krack Classic Heavy winner and Overall winner
2015 BCABBA Provincials 3rd heavy
2015 Idaho Muscle Classic 3rd heavy

What’s your occupation?

For past 15 years, I've been a personal trainer, athletic performance coach and sports nutritionist.

What are your bodybuilding goals?

Create the best possible artistic rendition I'm able to with the genetics I've been blessed with, earn my pro card and some day compete at the Olympia.

What's next for you?

Right now I am about to enter off-season and focus on growing where I need to for next year when I compete again. I will do a national-level show next year, but I'm not dead set on which one. Having qualified in both Canada and the United States, I have some options. Right now, I would say I am leaning towards North Americans because timing wise that suits me best.

Anything you would like to add?

I have a degree in Sport Science and I believe this scientific base, coupled with the array of athletic experience both personally and from athletes/clients I have trained, gives me a well rounded experience to draw from when devising effective plans for those who I work with.

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Facebook: Dynamic Physiques


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