Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Nissan Nohea - Hard Curves

Packing 128 pounds of muscle on her near 5-3 frame and measuring 34-25-38, fitness model and IFBB Pro Nissan Nohea sports more curves than an S. For the record, we're not messing with a small s here - that's capital S.

Mix in biceps, shapely quads and striking facial features and it's easy to see why she's in demand as a fitness model. 

What are your stats?

I'm 5'-2.5" tall, 113-lbs competition weight, 128-lbs off-season and age 26. 

What is your profession?

Hair stylist and model.

Were you athletic growing up?

Always! When I was seven, my mom put me in Tae Kwon Do where I earned my black belt.

What other sports have you done or are you currently doing?

Apart from Tae Kwon Do, I wrestled, danced, was a cheerleader up to college, ran track and played softball in high school. Basically if there was a sport, odds are I did it. Currently I am looking into getting back into martial arts and I weight train and hike.

How long have you been training?

I have been training since I was a kid. My dad had a weight area in the basement and my brother and I would mimic him. Once I was older, training was necessary in sports.

How did you get started lifting weights and training?

I learned how to weight train in 9th grade when I decided I wanted to play football. I know (lol). I had to train with the team and I loved it and felt powerful. However, I never went on to play that season as the upper-classmen scared me off.

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What inspired you to start competing?

I was recovering from a pretty bad car accident where I had back surgery and didn't know how I was going to build my strength to support my back. After two years of disability, I was tiny and I wasn't happy with where I was. I decided I was going to set a date for a show, train my ass off, and prove that I wouldn't suffer from my injuries and that I could be better than before.

When and where did you turn pro?

In March 2013. After winning the overall bikini title at my first show, I decided to go to the 2013 Jr Nationals three months later where I amazingly earned my IFBB Pro Card.

What are your goals related to competing?

Before it was to prove I would fully recover. Now, my goals and love for weightlifting have evolved. As I am crossing over into figure, I would love nothing more than to eventually make the crossover to women's physique.

What do you think is your best body part?

My best body part would have to be my legs. Everyone knows me for these stallions.

If you could change one thing about your physique, what would it be?

If I changed my physique, it wouldn't be me.

If you ruled the IFBB, what would you change? 

If I spoke my mind on this, it would be too controversial... ;)

Do you enjoy performing on stage?

It's what I know! I am so comfortable up there - always have been.

When people see your muscles, what is the biggest misconception they have about you?

Ha! That I never eat anything gluttonous or yummy. Oh, and that I only like guys who lift. I absolutely love food and a man who lifts is a plus, but his brain is more important to me.

In public, do you prefer showing off your muscles or covering up?

I'm in between. To me, it's normal to have muscles so I don't really think about it, but I love to wear short shorts and dresses as I hate covering my legs. It's uncomfortable.

Anything else we should know about you?

As much as I love competing and lifting, I am not a huge fan of the community. I am passionate about nutrition and being active, but it's not the topic of conversation among friends and me.

Where can we see more of you?

NissanNohea on Periscope

Also see Nissan on YouTube and Her Flex Appeal.

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