Friday, September 11, 2015

Strength Challenge - Grip Squeeze

In conjunction with many of our shoots, we've been running an ongoing strength challenge for fun and bragging rights. One of these challenges is grip strength measured on a hand dynamometer. To date, we've done close to 90 squeezes on the grip tester. 

Those near 90 squeezes have seen women from a variety of backgrounds take up the challenge, including physique, figure, powerlifting, crossfit, bikini, lingerie football, bodybuilding, track and field and pro basketball. Notably absent from the mix - fitness.

The women have ranged in weight from 105 pounds all the way up to 195 pounds. 

One thing is clear: Breaking the 100-pound barrier on the dynamometer is a major accomplishment. To date, just six women have surpassed that mark. At the top of the heap, powerhouse physique competitor Shayla Turcotte. She went well over the 130-pound mark from both the right side and the left side. The closest to Shayla so far - physique competitor Heidi Dianne with a squeeze of 129.60 pounds from the right side. 

Following are the top twenty attempts to date measured in pounds. 

Shayla Turcotte6.00185R137.60physique
Shayla Turcotte6.00185L134.40physique
Heidi Dianne5.04138R129.60physique
Heidi Dianne5.04138L118.20physique
Heidi Dianne5.04138R118.00physique
Cassie Keeping5.08146R112.60crossfit
Heidi Dianne5.04138L103.20physique
Shannon Courtney5.02162R102.00physique
Wendy Lindquist5.03128R100.80bodybuilding
Tasha Wolf5.07138R99.60powerlifter
Chelsea Konechny5.04140L99.20figure
Cassie Keeping5.08146L98.60crossfit
Kristen Olychuk5.06130L96.40bikini, hockey
Kristen Olychuk5.06130L95.00bikini, hockey
Hanna Hallman5.02135L94.80physique
Kristen Olychuk5.06130R94.40bikini, hockey
Wendy Lindquist5.03128L94.00bodybuilding
Hanna Hallman5.02135R93.00physique

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