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My Emerald Cup Moment - Emerald Cup 2015

What follows is a microcosm of the Emerald Cup experience as shared by a number of different people.

Tanji Johnson - IFBB Fitness Pro

Tanji Johnson and the Emerald Cup seem to go hand-in-hand. Tanji is part of the fabric that makes the show what it is. Over the years, she's risen to iconic status in the fitness industry, building and growing her success. New for her this year, the Tanji Johnson Classic slated for June 20 in Olympia, WA.

"Two favorite moments.

"Friday it was watching the Fitness routines and appreciating every single athlete and their journey to the fitness stage! It always makes me happy to see fitness well represented and very alive. Very inspiring that night was to see the look on my dear friend and client Deb Salzman as she took second in fitness that night. Deb turned 50 this year and has one of the best attitudes about life and how to pursue one's dreams.

"Saturday my favorite moment was watching as my men's physique teammates did fantastic! I was proud to see that their posing and physiques were right on and how much all their practicing paid off. Highlights were having four out of the six guys going for the overall repping Save Fitness and then to see Hunter Sievert walk away with the overall after placing second in his class last year. It's wonderful watching someone overcome a disappointment and keep moving forward.

"I always love my Emerald Cup experiences. It's a nice reminder of our wonderful family in the northwest!"

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Janelle Fuston - Bikini Competitor

When you're a 5-10 woman with a chiseled bikini body, you tend to stand out in a crowd. Apparently the judges agreed as 26-year-old Janelle Fuston grabbed top honors in her Bikini H category. 

"My favorite experience during Emerald Cup would have to be briefly before and during the competitors meeting on Saturday morning. I arrived to the Meydenbauer Center about 10 minutes early where I waited along with a number of other competitors just outside of the doors to be let in. A girl I hadn't met yet officially in person, but had talked with via instagram, happened to see me and stopped and put her things down next to me where we properly introduced ourselves, talked, and then waited to go in together. 

"We ended up sitting next to each other and talking about our preps up until this morning, our feelings on the day's events ahead, and about our previous show, the NW Vancouver Naturals; which happened to be both of our very first shows and now Emerald Cup would be our second.

"We seemed very much on the same page and it made me feel good just to have someone to share the beginning stages of what today had in store for us. Talking with her and feeling like I wasn't alone was what kick started such a memorable experience. 

"Taking first place in my division was absolutely unreal and I will always keep that moment with me, but making a connection and sharing similar struggles and experiences with a new friend was by far my favorite moment this time around."

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Siobhan West - Bikini Competitor

Siobhan West is just 19. If this were a western, she'd be "The Bikini Kid." To put this in perspective, IFBB women's historian Steve Wennerstrom - he of the encyclopedic knowledge of all things female muscle - came to the Emerald Cup sporting his British Columbia bodybuilding jacket, a piece of clothing nearly as old as Siobhan.

"My favorite moment would definitely be the initial moment I stepped on stage and heard all my friends and family obnoxiously screaming my name and probably pissing a lot of people off."

Keep an eye on this stunningly beautiful young woman. Next up on her agenda: An audition tape to the WWE to be their next WWE Diva.

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Erin Murray - Powerlifter

Erin Murray, 157 pounds of female power, competed in the Saturday Double Viking event. During the course of the event, she managed to nail a personal record in the deadlift.

"I think the highlight of the event as a whole has to be the female turnout! It was incredible seeing so many lady lifters. Usually I'm one of less than 10 girls, but seeing as many women as men was awesome. And personally, I've been wanting that 400-lbs. deadlift for a while, so that was an awesome personal moment."

Go to YouTube to see Wendy Lindquist's interview with Erin.

Lou Krivda - KrivsStudio

"I'd have to say meeting up with a woman (Lisa Dehlin) attending the show who doesn't compete, but was still impressive enough for me to do a shoot with for KrivsStudio. Those unexpected finds are the most gratifying for me."

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Lauren Irick - Bikini Competitor

What did Lauren Irick do at Emerald Cup? How about walking away with Bikini A honors while up against a large and tough field of competitors.

"Oh gosh... Honestly the whole thing was one big highlight. 

"I wanted to go watch the Emerald Cup and Expo a year before I even started competing. Last year, I was midway through my first prep and made it a goal to compete. Just arriving at check in only was crazy because it was actually happening. 

"It feels surreal that I have been talking about this weekend for over a year and now it has come and gone. Seeing fellow competitors that I've gotten to know over the last year and see their development, or meeting people from social media for the first time. Simply stepping on stage was an amazing accomplishment for me and to take first has not fully sunk in yet."

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Heather Morales - Bikini Competitor

"My most memorable moment from Emerald Cup 15 was being able to step across the stage for my first competition with my Save Fitness sisters. It made the experience so much more enjoyable knowing two of my best friends were standing right next to me."

Fawn Clark (Fitness Fawn) - Fitness Competitor

"Hands down watching fitness routines. It makes me so excited and motivated! I love watching each athlete's unique style and talents in their routines! I also had a lot of fun because I had so many Save Fitness teammates and friends competing!"

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fitness competitor Fawn Clark Fitness Fawn

Cori Lou - Women's Physique

Cori Lou walked away with first place in a very competitive Physique A division.

"Well, I guess my favorite moment was afterward. I quit drinking two months ago and I was afraid I'd be really bored after a contest if I couldn't drink. I never understood why everyone wasn't out carousing after a show. But this time I just had some juice and nachos and it was fine, and I had fun, and then I just felt like sleeping and not partying."

Joe Bayer - HD Physiques 

"HDPhysiques reports that the highlight of their weekend was finally getting a second shoot with 2012 fan favorite, Tarna Alderman."

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physique competitor Tarna Alderman

Kassie Kemmis - IFBB Pro

Last year Kassie Kemmis stepped on the Emerald Cup stage to compete. And not just once mind you, but Kassie hit the stage in three different categories, managing to wow the crowd each time. A year later, another Emerald Cup, this time as an IFBB Pro sitting in the audience.

"My highlight, other than watching my boyfriend compete, was meeting Phil Heath, watching him guest pose, and listening to his motivational speech!"

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Marissa Hein - Tanner/Glazer, NPC Figure Competitor  

When's the last time you spent a weekend with hundreds of buff, naked bodies - hands on - and even had them pay you for the experience?

"My highlight of the weekend was honestly being part of that finishing process. Meeting and talking with competitors during tanning, touchups and glazing and to hear their stories, their individual journey and being able to ease nerves with encouragement and a fantastic tan is always fun.

"As a competitor myself, I enjoy being on the opposite side of things and using my personal experiences to calm and comfort those who are nervous and join in the excitement of their success. I know it sounds cliché, but it really is my favorite part of tanning.

"The Emerald Cup is special because year after year we see the same expeditors, and we all come together to help put on a fantastic show for the competitors who have worked so hard. The countless people who work backstage and in the shadows are an amazing bunch and every year we hug like old friends. It's an exhausting weekend, roughly 40 hours of tanning in three days, and I wouldn't want to do it any other place. The friendships and connections made over the years of competing and tanning at the Emerald Cup are priceless.

"Meeting, joking and having Jan Tana herself tell me I'm good at what I do and being invited to work directly for her at some shows is an amazing feeling because hard work pays off.

"I worked with NWCC tanning, Northwest Competition Color. Bill Willyard the owner is very respectable and a pleasure to work for."

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Marissa interview with Wendy Lindquist on YouTube

Wendy Lindquist - Powerlifter, Bodybuilder, Strength Athlete, Pole Fitness Champion  

When you can't recall if you're competing in your 12th Emerald Cup or 13th Emerald Cup, you know you're a mainstay.

Wendy Lindquist's Emerald Cup resume includes bodybuilding, fitness and figure. This year, she decided to compete in powerlifting, entering the Saturday Double Viking event. Along with competing, Wendy pulled double duty in her media role, doing over two dozen interviews with various competitors and spectators.

"What was my highlight? Tough one. In truth, it was turning around to see two dear friends had shown up unexpectedly to cheer me on. Also having the opportunity to interview over 24 cool Emerald Cup attendees and hearing so many interesting stories about how they got there. And winning benchpress!"

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Shauna Lewis - NPC Figure Competitor

"I would have to say my favorite moment was being on stage! I love the excitement and showcasing all the hard work we as athletes put into a competition! I also loved just walking around and feeling the positive energy that was there and meeting great athletes who encourage each other!"

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Kristin Abhold - Physique Competitor

"My favorite EC moment was when the Physique A girls were getting ready to hit the stage. We were being glazed and glued and Becca from NWCC decided that a shoulder shimmy move was the signal that you needed your top glued on. It was the perfect joke to get us all a little more relaxed :) ."

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Brooke Holloman - Owner/President Chrome Personal Training Centre, Inc

"My favorite moments this year were seeing all of my competitors from TEAM CHROME show off their hard work on the big stage amongst some of the nation's greatest amateur competitors. Always a great and proud moment for me as their coach!!"

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Holland Matheson - Figure Competitor

Holland captured second place in figure D. The combination of her smile, her physique and fitness-model look definitely made for a standout package.

"My favorite part of competing at 2015 Emerald Cup was receiving my second-place tiara and trophy with my family, friends, teammates, and coworkers cheering me on. I also loved being backstage and meeting some really incredible women. My fellow competitors were so beautiful and strong and I got to really connect with some of them."

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TashAyla Wolf Whelan - Powerlifter
Tasha Whelan is a beast. Tell her that, and unlike the average woman on the street, she'll smile at you. The 5-7, 138-pounder competed in the Emerald Cup Expo HardcorePowerlifting "Double Viking" meet.

"Favorite moment for my personal accomplishment was lifting a 375 pound deadlift. It was a 50 pound pr for me from the 2014 Emerald Cup. Felt so good to accomplish that weight. But I also really loved watching the team I helped get together for this meet compete in their first powerlifting, having fun, hitting personal bests, and being excited for themselves and other lifters."

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Monday, May 4, 2015

Fitness Fawn

Competing in just her second show at the 2014 Emerald Cup, 27-year-old Fitness Fawn, a protégé of fitness icon Tanji Johnson, captured third place with a dynamic routine and an equally impressive physique. Watching Fawn on stage is witnessing someone in her element. Her smile lights up at the beginning of her routine and just seems to grow throughout her performance. She just looks like she's having so much fun on stage that it's hard not to get caught up in her excitement.
Q. What are your stats?
A. I'm 5-7.5 tall. I actually RARELY weigh myself, to the dismay of my coaches. They said I really should know my show weight. I took progress pictures and made sure I was progressing each week. For a ball park, I was probably 135 to 140 pounds on stage and around 150 pounds off-season. I stay relatively lean all of the time. My plan for my next show is to get a body fat analysis right before show.
Q. When did you start in fitness?
A. My first official fitness show was two weeks prior to Emerald Cup 2014 at the Tanji Johnson Vancouver Natural show. I kept the same routine and made a couple small changes to improve for Emerald Cup.
Q. What was your athletic background prior to starting fitness competitions?
A. I have been crazy about fitness and health since my senior year of high school. I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in the fitness world and have been at it ever since!
I cheered throughout middle school, high school and one year in college. I did tumbling, dance classes and track. Post high school, I've lifted weights, ran in 5K's, a half-marathon, and a duathlon. I also teach a variety of different group fitness classes. Fitness is my hobby, and I love becoming a better athlete.
Q. Do you have a most memorable or favorite moment on stage?
A. Being on stage in general is AMAZING. I love to perform. I think my favorite moment on stage was when I was performing and mid routine, I heard one of my coaches, Tanji Johnson, yell "Go Fawn!" I know there were a lot of yells, whistles and screams, but that was the one thing I actually heard while performing, and I'll always remember that moment.
Q. In terms of Fawn the competitor, what are your goals?
A. My next goal is to compete in the Ironman (October 4, 2014). I plan to master a few new fitness skills and compete with a better, stronger and more polished routine. In addition to coming in more conditioned, I plan to keep that same routine for Emerald Cup 2015 and build on it! I want to get first place! Then from there I will see where it takes me.
I love fitness and health. Competing is another way for me to express my love and grow as an athlete.
"Fawn is a breath of fresh air. She is extremely humble, but yet confident and willing to work hard. She competed in fitness for the first time this year and truly impressed me with her athleticism and most of all, her excitement for the sport. Her showmanship mirrored that!"
- Tanji Johnson (Fawn's coach)
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