Monday, February 27, 2017

Lauren Brigham - Figure Competitor

What are your stats?

Age 29; 5’6" tall; competition weight 130-135 lbs; off-season 145-150 lbs.

What is your profession?

Personal trainer, sports massage therapist.

How did you get started lifting weights and training? 

My middle school nickname was chunky monkey which gave me the motivation to lose weight and become athletic. I started personal training at 18 and became intrigued with the competitive lifestyle. I competed in my first show when I was 24 and I've been hooked since.  

Lauren Brigham

What inspired you to start competing?

I loved the dedication and purpose of the competitive lifestyle. I wanted to find that purpose and dedication for myself.  

Were you athletic growing up? 

I played soccer and ran track in high school, but really became interested in health and fitness in college. 

What are your goals as a competitor?

To better myself and improve every season. To feel proud and accomplished each year on stage. 

What's your favorite cheat meal? 

I absolutely love sushi! 

Lauren Brigham

What's one thing about you that people would be surprised to know? 

I am obsessed with mini pigs. I just adore pigs so much - no idea why. 

Favorite female competitor?

Nicole Wilkins. She is simply an amazing and beautiful competitor. 

Your home is burning down. Family and pets have all made it to safety. You have one chance to go back in and save just one item. What do you save?

I would save my huggie. It's a little pillow I just can't sleep without 

What three words best describe you?

Passionate, genuine and hardworking. 

Where can we see more of you?



Snapchat: @lebrigs

Check out Lauren's YouTube video. 

Lauren Brigham

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