Friday, March 11, 2016

Olympia 2015 Expo Coverage

We ran into physique star Lauranda Nall just as we were exiting the 2015 Olympia Expo. Lauranda is the epitome of a muscle model: She brings a very marketable look to the table while at the same time carrying some impressive muscle. Great way to cap off a busy day of shooting at the Expo.

Lauranda Nall

On hand for an outstanding pole fitness demo, Fawnia Mondey and friends. 

Fawnia Mondey

We found Brooke Walker working a booth. Brooke stepped out to give us a quick biceps blast. Pretty impressive!

Brooke Walker

On the Expo floor, one of the best in women's physique, Autumn Swansen. 

Autumn Swansen

Canadian star Azaria Glaim took time out from her sponsor booth to give us a few biceps shots.

Azaria Glaim

Although she didn't have big guns, it was hard not to notice 6-foot fitness model Corrie J at her booth. 

Corrie J

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