Saturday, April 2, 2011

Erica Blezard

One good thing about going to shows is that sometimes you find some hot talent in the crowd. Case in point, the eye-catching Erica Blezard.

As soon as we spotted her in the FAME West audience, our attention shifted from the stage to Erica. After meeting her we quickly discovered that this girl is the real deal.

At just under 5-9 and weighing in at a curvy (39-27-39) 165 pounds, Erica commands your attention with her physical presence. Even though we took only a single photo, it was clear she was comfortable on camera. Later we found out that Erica is a model.

But it's the athletic background where things really get serious. Erica's background includes nine years of ringette; three years of swimming; two years of water polo, a year of boxing; six years of hockey playing with the guys; and high school gymnastics and volleyball. She started weight training in 2003.

Erica is working toward her first competition this summer, The Pacific Rim Championships August 5-7, 2011 in downtown Vancouver.

Just Erica and Kelly Kerr alone should be reason enough to check out this event.

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