Monday, May 4, 2015

Fitness Fawn

Competing in just her second show at the 2014 Emerald Cup, 27-year-old Fitness Fawn, a protégé of fitness icon Tanji Johnson, captured third place with a dynamic routine and an equally impressive physique. Watching Fawn on stage is witnessing someone in her element. Her smile lights up at the beginning of her routine and just seems to grow throughout her performance. She just looks like she's having so much fun on stage that it's hard not to get caught up in her excitement.
Q. What are your stats?
A. I'm 5-7.5 tall. I actually RARELY weigh myself, to the dismay of my coaches. They said I really should know my show weight. I took progress pictures and made sure I was progressing each week. For a ball park, I was probably 135 to 140 pounds on stage and around 150 pounds off-season. I stay relatively lean all of the time. My plan for my next show is to get a body fat analysis right before show.
Q. When did you start in fitness?
A. My first official fitness show was two weeks prior to Emerald Cup 2014 at the Tanji Johnson Vancouver Natural show. I kept the same routine and made a couple small changes to improve for Emerald Cup.
Q. What was your athletic background prior to starting fitness competitions?
A. I have been crazy about fitness and health since my senior year of high school. I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in the fitness world and have been at it ever since!
I cheered throughout middle school, high school and one year in college. I did tumbling, dance classes and track. Post high school, I've lifted weights, ran in 5K's, a half-marathon, and a duathlon. I also teach a variety of different group fitness classes. Fitness is my hobby, and I love becoming a better athlete.
Q. Do you have a most memorable or favorite moment on stage?
A. Being on stage in general is AMAZING. I love to perform. I think my favorite moment on stage was when I was performing and mid routine, I heard one of my coaches, Tanji Johnson, yell "Go Fawn!" I know there were a lot of yells, whistles and screams, but that was the one thing I actually heard while performing, and I'll always remember that moment.
Q. In terms of Fawn the competitor, what are your goals?
A. My next goal is to compete in the Ironman (October 4, 2014). I plan to master a few new fitness skills and compete with a better, stronger and more polished routine. In addition to coming in more conditioned, I plan to keep that same routine for Emerald Cup 2015 and build on it! I want to get first place! Then from there I will see where it takes me.
I love fitness and health. Competing is another way for me to express my love and grow as an athlete.
"Fawn is a breath of fresh air. She is extremely humble, but yet confident and willing to work hard. She competed in fitness for the first time this year and truly impressed me with her athleticism and most of all, her excitement for the sport. Her showmanship mirrored that!"
- Tanji Johnson (Fawn's coach)
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