Sunday, May 12, 2013

Emerald Cup 2013 - Jacklyn Abrams

The Emerald Cup, always one of the best shows on the calendar, proved its mettle yet again for the 2013 edition. Promoted by Brad and Elaine Craig and going strong for over 30 years, this is a must see show.

Each year brings an array of impressive physiques both on the stage and in the crowd. Our coverage comes from the Emerald Cup Expo, including a mix of both competitors and some great physiques we found in the audience.

Jacklyn Abrams, IFBB Pro, is not someone you're likely to miss in a crowd, even at a venue like the Emerald Cup, overflowing as it is with standout physiques.

The bubbly blonde has a smile that could light up any room. Combine that with a great physique, a personality to match and some slick moves on stage and you have Jacklyn.

To see more Jacklyn, click on her Facebook link.

To find out more about the Emerald Cup and Craig Productions, click on their link