Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Muscle Model Industry Awards 2011

Members of the commercial paysite industry paid recognition to their peers and models in a variety of categories as follows.

Favorite Photographer 2011: GeneX in a landslide on this one. Almost every ballot included Gene as one of the favorites with most putting him at the top. His creative camera work continues to garner praise from his peers.

Next came another great shooter in DanRay. Dan is a tireless worker and seems to be everywhere at once.

Following Dan, the legendary BillDobbins, one of the all-time greats when it comes to shooting muscle models. If you've never seen Bill's work, you're missing out.

After Bill came Jeff Binns. Jeff continues to improve each year and it's great to see him earn recognition for his work.

Favorite Videographer 2011: SteveScibelli won this category for the second year in a row. Much like Gene does with the stills, Steve continues to pump out creative video work.

Following Steve, James Cook. Each year, James produces a body of work that blends quality and creativity.

Two HD Physique shooters, David Cooper and Joe Bayer, grabbed the next two spots. This is a testament to HD Physiques that both David and Joe earned the recognition of their peers in the industry.

Favorite Commercial Multi-Model Paysite 2011: Combine the favorite photographer with one of the favorite videographers and what do you get? FT Video as the favorite site.

Next came Muscle Angels, a nod to the feminine touch of Annie Rivieccio and the great perspective she brings to shooting muscle models.

After that, HD Physiques, again no surprise with both their videographers showing strong support in that category.

After HDP came KrivsStudio and Awefilms in a dead heat. This is a great showing for the KrivsStudio team and their dedication to their site. Awefilms of course features the outstanding work of Steve Scibelli.

Favorite Commercial Single-Model Paysite 2011: This category had the fewest voters casting their ballots. It seems the solitary model solo site is becoming somewhat of an anachronism.

Hands down, TanyaFit (Tanya Hyde) of the HD Physiques family came first. Next, Brandi Mae and then Aleesha Young.

It's worth noting that all three received strong support in the favorite model category, a good indicator that unless you have a solid brand name, making a go of a single-model site is a tough job.

Favorite Non-commercial Site 2011: This one went to AMG Lite. Perhaps not quite the PR hub as in days gone by, the site is still an excellent means for both individual models and large sites to receive promotion. Every muscle model out there should be taking advantage of this tool. Kudos to Andy for all the great work he's done over the years.

Next, Unreal Muscle, Sioux Country and then making their debut on the list, Krivs Studio Blog.

I'll make special mention of the blog because in my opinion, it's one of the best out there. Dean does an outstanding job of promoting and featuring the models and it's well worth a read.

Favorite Model For 2011: This one, just as with last year, was all over the map. The large number of models earning votes reflects the diverse directions of the industry producers. Still, a number of models received enough support from the producers to push them to the top of the list.

Leading the way, the buff and beautiful Erica Cordie. Interesting to note that in last year's voting, Erica grabbed honors as the top model that producers wanted to shoot in 2011. Apparently a number of them shot with her as she seems to have made a positive impression.

Following Erica, two great newcomers debuting on the list in Kashma Maharaj and Cassie Rowe. All I can say is check them out; you will not be disappointed.

Also earning strong support, LisaGiesbrecht, Aleesha Young and from somewhere in left field, new kid on the block Rachel Gilmore.

Model I Would Most Like to Work with in 2012: The winner for the second year running, once more the buff and beautiful Erica Cordie. I guess Erica really is all that. What better position for a model than to win not only the favorite model of the year, but also the model that producers most want to shoot in 2012? Go Erica!

Next came a most impressive Canuck, Jody Boam, followed by perennial fan favorite and producer favorite, the amazing Aleesha Young.

Idle curiosity prompted me to combine the votes from both model categories to see the results. Once again, it's all about Erica Cordie and it's wasn't even close. Next a tie between Aleesha Young and Jody Boam; then a three-way dead heat with Alina Popa, Kashma Maharaj and Lisa Giesbrecht.

Favorite Show of 2011: A carbon copy of last year with The Olympia, The Arnold (and no, it's not "The Arnolds") and the USA's in Vegas.

That's a wrap and look for another round of voting in early 2013.  

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