Monday, May 9, 2011

Olesha Karringten & Erica Blezard: Reality TV Audition

What happens when sexy, bad-ass MMA fighter Olesha Karringten meets the equally sexy Erica Blezard, muscle model?

Sparks, flexing, sexy muscle and a kiss!

These two buff beauties definitely showed some great chemistry during their on-camera interview. As well, both women are very competitive and both are curious to see who really is the stronger of the two. Is it the MMA fighter or the muscle model?

Although she has limited wrestling experience, Erica wants to see if her 35-lbs. weight advantage will allow her to hang with Olesha on the mats. Look for the two muscle girls to test each other out in future encounters. And of course, a lot more hot muscle posing and flexing.

The Erica and Olesha show. Check your listings for day and time.

Check out their Blip TV video: